Power Yoga for Sports Workshop with Gwen Lawrence

September 15 & 16, 2018. 9:00am - 6:00pm

W&M recreation center
400 Brooks St.
Williamsburg, VA 23188



The Way of the Mindful Athlete

This course was originally written for the NY Giants and NY Knicks coaching, medical and player staff. You will learn how to reduce stress on and off the field, simplify your life and stay present for better brain function and optimal performance. The course is meticulously designed to be user friendly. Gwen has created a mindfulness toolbox for Athletes and will cover the 6 major tools for creating a better, more present successful life. These strategies negate the temptation to impede attentiveness and therefore lead to happier lives. The overall goal of mindfulness is simple yet needs constant cultivation. The goal is to be present in the now, not to dwell on or live in tragedy or the past or the uncertainty of the future, which cannot be changed or predetermined. Not living in the present can cause high levels of anxiety and a lack of concentration and poor performance. The only thing you have control of is the NOW so be the best person you can be, on a day to day basis, making the best decisions you can each day and lead a simpler life that is more enjoyable and notice dis-ease before it becomes disease.

Power Yoga for Sports

Here Gwen will share how she has been training to Pro’s for over 20 years. She will teach the relevant poses per sport per position. This is designed to teach you how teach the benefits and recovery techniques of yoga to your athletes. Your athletes will walk away able to improve their longevity, reduce injury, and increase power.

With PYFS, you belong to a community devoted to learning how to teach yoga specifically for athletes.  You will explore experiential anatomy, practice teaching in a variety of learning environments, and so much more.  Gwen’s Power Yoga for Sports Teacher Training has trained teachers for the past 10 years who have continued on to flourish as both yoga teachers and practitioners.

Do you want to:

  • Increase your visibility and credibility with athletes?
  • Increase your potential income with more clarity and knowledge to share?
  • Learn the time-tested techniques Gwen has used and developed?
  • Be affiliated with a respected teacher and her proven results based system?

Then Power Yoga for Sports Yoga Teacher Training Program is right for you!

About Gwen Lawrence


Gwen Lawrence is a New Yorker who has always been a lover of fitness and healthy lifestyle. DNA driven vegetarian and dancer since the age of 3, Gwen has changed the air in the world of professional sports and its acceptance of Yoga as an integral part of their training.  She developed the Power Yoga for Sports Program over a decade ago.  She was named “Best Innovation in Sports Medicine” by ESPN Magazine and has worked with the NY Giants for over 15 years.  Some other notables are: NY Yankee team members, NY Redbulls, NY Rangers, NYCFC and NY Knicks.  Her professional athletes are spread all around the world now.  Gwen still focuses her life in bettering athletes of all ages, but she also teaches her trade secrets to people in more than 18 countries.  Another project close to her heart is her commitment to working with Veterans, and helping them cope with PTSD and re-enter civilian life with more ease. She is also the official spokesperson for Gaiam TV, a two time ambassador for Lululemon, ambassador for Kulae, Prismsport, and Torq King. Her writing appears in Men's Health, Women's Health, Fitness Magazine, Shape Magazine, Yoga Journal, Details magazine and shape.com, espn.com, espnw.com.   She makes regular appearances on the NBC TODAY show, Dr. Oz, Good Day NY and many other TV news and national radio shows. Gwen has also been seen in Gaiam Ads, and YogaVibes in Yoga Journal.  Her first book was Body Sculpting with Yoga and her second book, Tactical Mobility, was just released worldwide, along with a Power Yoga for Sports App. Gwen is the star of the syndicated television series The Better Man.www.gwenlawrence.com





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